One of the most prestigious global design competitions has awarded 4 different Hanshow solutions with awards this year.

The iF Design Awards, ongoing for nearly 70 years, has long become a symbol for excellent form, for aesthetic quality, and for user-focused, ergonomic and efficient design in all disciplines, by companies around the world. The iF Design Awards recognize outstanding product design that also has the ability to impact social change. This year’s stiff competition featured over 10,000 entries from 60 countries.

Out of the huge amount of entries this year, Hanshow is honored to receive awards for 4 of our digital retail solution products including the Nebular ESL, Nowa ESL, Lumina Aqua series, and Visight Camera.

Wang Linjiang, the design director at Hanshow that lead the creation of these products notes “our team put a tremendous amount of effort into designing these products. Good design not only focuses on aesthetics but also durability, efficiency, production costs, functionality, and benefits to the end user also meet top consideration. The end result is really a work of sweat and tears, and we are truly honored that the iF Design Award judges have such an appreciation of our work.”

Congratulations to everyone involved in the design of these products, thank you to the panelists for giving us this honor, and thank you to our retail clients around the world that use these products to power their stores every day.

Below is an overview of each awarding winning Hanshow product:

Nebular ESL

Nebular is Hanshow’s new cutting-edge electronic shelf label with built-in 7-colour LED light and NFC functionality. Its industry leading IP68-level waterproofing and dust protection design provides outstanding performance while its 7.8 mm ultra-thin design makes it our most stylish model to date. Nebular’s highly integrated proprietary ESL chip developed by Hanshow and flexible battery technology also significantly reduces power consumption ensuring an industry leading 15-year battery life, minimizing maintenance for clients.

Visight Camera

The Visight camera is an intelligent AI device that combines aesthetics with intelligence, featuring dimensions and appearance designed specifically for retail stores. Visight camera features a high-definition, high-contrast 8M image sensor with an integrated 1T AI processor, and data collected through the camera are transmitted through WIFI, Ethernet, USB and UVC. The design objective of Visight camera is to address and tackle woes of retailers as well as CPG companies related to shelf planogram and out-of-shelf monitoring in supermarkets. The powerful AI chip embedded in the camera is capable of running multiple identification algorithms.

Nowa ESL

The Nowa Electronic Shelf Label is a popular enterprise-class product, thanks to its reliable, fast information updating and elegant appearance. The design of Nowa ESLs takes various application scenarios into consideration and comes with either a protective lens for higher durability or len-free for a clearer display, depending on retailer preferences. The 7-colour built-in LED light and NFC function lay the foundation for in-store intelligent inventory, out-of-shelf replenishment, and online-offline order picking, which significantly improves operational efficiency in the store.

Lumina Aqua ESL

The Lumina Aqua Electronic Shelf Labeling Solution is designed for fresh food retail scenarios, aiming to improve store operational efficiency and aesthetics to enhance profitability. Lumina Aqua is a full-color LCD electronic shelf label with IP65 water and dust resistance rating, and it supports instant refresh and multiple material display functionality, perfectly suited to fresh food retail scenarios. The solution also includes an adaptive intelligence system to support advertisement customization and editing.