Good Design Award, one of the most prestigious global design competitions has awarded 4 different Hanshow solutions with its GMark honor this year.

The Good Design Awards, ongoing for nearly 70 years, and the GMark symbol for award winning design, has long been a standard for design excellence. This year’s stiff competition featured over 5,800 entries with 1,608 winners of this years awards.

Out of the huge amount of entries this year, Hanshow is honored to receive awards for 4 of our digital retail solution products including the Nowa ESL, Lumina X2, self-checkout kiosk, and Stellar Pro ESL.

Wang Linjiang, the design director at Hanshow that led the creation of these products notes “our team put a tremendous amount of effort into designing these products. Good design not only focuses on aesthetics but also durability, efficiency, production costs, functionality, and benefits to the end user also meet top consideration. The end result is really a work of sweat and tears, and we are honored that the Good Design Award judges have such an appreciation of our work.”

Congratulations to everyone involved in the design of these products, thank you to the panelists for giving us this honor, and thank you to our retail clients around the world that use these products to power their stores every day.

Below is an overview of each awarding winning Hanshow product:

Design Evaluation: Stellar Pro ESL

The Stellar Pro is an electric shelf label that is designed for stores and retailers. The Stellar Pro synchronizes information in real-time, reviews stock and product status, and displays prices, origin, and campaign information in store. The contrast is good and the display is clear for easy reading. The Steller Pro is designed to be compatible with upgrades. It is also designed to be low consumption and use batteries for 10 years, so it contributes to reduce total management costs and help the environment by replacing disposable paper and plastic shelves. The design is compact and gives a sense of unity that provides a modern atmosphere in stores. At the same time, this is a good design for retailers that do not have enough workers and are looking for digital solutions.

Design Evaluation: Self Checkout Kiosk

The Self Checkout Kiosk is an all-in-one style cashless self-checkout terminal designed for supermarkets, convenience stores, and retailers. The thin, all-glass unit with a 23.8" touch panel provides an interface with a fast response to perform self-checkout, scan and go, and receipt printing comfortably and smoothly. As the Self Checkout Kiosk contributes to shortening waiting times and reducing person-to-person contact, it also helps to avoid the risk of such contact during a pandemic such as the current COVID-19 pandemic. It is a great advantage that this one terminal can act as a cash register regardless of the location, and this is a design that meets the demands of a "New Normal" era.

Design Evaluation: Nowa ESL

The Nowa Lite is an electronic shelf label designed to be compatible with a wider range of stores and retailers. The Nowa Lite achieves information synchronization in real-time, reviews the stock and product status, and displays prices, and origin and campaign information in store. Contrast is high and the display is clear for easy reading. As the Nowa Lite is designed to be low consumption and uses batteries, it contributes to cutting total management costs and helps the environment as it replaces disposable paper and plastic shelves. This is a good design for retailers that suffer from an insufficient workforce and are looking for digital solutions.

Design Evaluation: Lumina Aqua X2

The Lumina Aqua X2 is a beautifully designed electronic shelf label equipped with a full-color liquid crystal display on both sides to show fruits and fresh food. The expiration date of fresh food is short, and prices change frequently. Therefore, employing this product not only enables prices to be adjusted quickly and promotes sales of food with a best-by date that will soon expire, but also contributes to reducing food loss. Additionally, while paper price tags and posters need to be re-written manually, the DX streamlines store management and reduces the total cost. This helps the management of stores with insufficient staff and also improves the aesthetic aspect of the sales floor.