Challenges that client is currently facing at the assembly line:

Our client wanted to improve the timeliness of assembly instruction and shelf label replacement, the accuracy of material information marking, reduce scrap rate, and make the production process record traceable. At the same time, we wanted to improve the efficiency of material identification replacement on the production line, update the content of assembly instructions and shelf labels very quickly, and reduce the manual handling process by making it easy to maintain.

How does Hanshow's solution help resolve those pain points?

By interfacing with MES system, Hanshow's solution realizes real-time update of electronic label information, optimizes production process, reduces scrap rate and saves paper cost. In the production line process, each station change operation is reduced from 5 minutes to 30 seconds, while reducing manual operation to avoid human error, which can reduce the overall usage cost by 75% in 3 years; it also saves paper consumables, which really increases the efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.

“The Hanshow's solution optimizes the operation process, making it easier for workers to operate, improving efficiency, saving newcomer training costs, reducing scrap rates, and truly reducing costs and increasing efficiency”

- Our client