Laurent VANDEN BRANDE, supply chain & ICT director at Supermarché Match, explains how Lumina Aqua solutions connected successfully and easily to their systems and how they enable commercial animation through pictures, videos and QR codes to show relevant information to the customers (origin, recipes, …).

“We chose this tool to go along with the deep structural transformation Match has been undertaking the last few months.”

“The first feedbacks we have are quite motivating I should say. Because now, readability and visibility about the product is given to the customer, which they never had before. They have a picture, either static or dynamic. They have a video. This video can be inspiring by scanning a QR code. This QR code leads to a recipe on Match’s website and enables the customer to know overall the ingredients needed to prepare a delicious meal, at home. Amazing and wow!”

“The improvement is even more significant now. As today it is simple for an employee to associate an image, a product and an origin. As you know for fruits and vegetables, it is important to put forward the local origin of the products. And showing the consumers where the product is from, Lumina labels make it very easy.”

“Yes, the installation between our companies Hanshow and Match has truly been quite impressive, because in the end our information systems require some flexibility. And this flexibility was found quite easily when our systems had to connect, and be able to integrate all your technologies along to our technologies at Match.”

- Match Belgium