Overseas Marketing Manager

Overseas Marketing Manager
Location: Beijing/Shanghai

Job Responsibilities:
1. Control the business operation direction and provide cooperation in program plan in various brands, marketing, promotion, activities, etc.;
2. Formulate the promotion plan for secondary communication of the activities;
3. Propose the creative thinking, and write the specific copy of the promotion materials of the relevant business;
4. Pack the key customer cases and promotion in the key businesses;
5. Formulate the communication plan based on the packaging and promotion strategies of the company, brand, product, and senior management personnel;
6. Integrate the available resources to complete the product marketing plan, follow up on the implementation of the plan, and adjust the promotion strategy in time according to the marketing effect;
7. Responsible for collecting and analyzing information on brand positioning, promotional materials, marketing campaign themes and advertising themes of the marketing promotion;
8. Integrate with the business to plan the marketing themes and increase the sales revenue.

1. More than 5 years of experiences in professional event planning in overseas markets, those with experiences in the to B industry are preferred;
2. Clear thinking in the event planning, and capabilities in avant-garde event innovation;
3. Enthusiasm, cheerfulness, sufficient sense of innovation, strong sense of service and time, good teamwork spirit;
4. Familiar with the operation of office software such as Powerpoint and Excel;
5. Those with experiences in event planning in advertising companies or public relations companies are preferred;
6. Those with experiences in the relevant retail industry are preferred

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