Location: Beijing/Shanghai/Jiaxing

Job description:
1. Responsible for company's various work in copywriting creatives, including but not limited to brand promotion, activities, video, marketing material and news advertorial;
2. Responsible for completing the PR plan and writing of the product, such as product positioning, slogan, sales point refinement, etc.;
3. Responsible for the maintenance of the company's We Media, WeChat public account, Linkedin, etc., and independently responsible for topic selection planning, writing and publishing, and data tracking;
4. Responsible for the development and integration of media resources and publicity channels, and maintain communication with major media, and establish the long-term relationships;
5. Insight and grasp the latest trends in the industry, dynamic monitoring of competitors, and provide professional advice to the company.
1. Bachelor degree or above, majors in Chinese, journalism, and advertising; 3-5 years of working experience in journalists, new media operation, copywriting, and those with experiences of to B industry the in Internet companies are preferred;
2. Solid professional foundation in the writing skills, excellent creative ability, active thinking and clear logic thinking;
3. Strong sensitivity to the industry and brand, familiar with the marketing channels and methods of to B industry;
4. Excellent capability in communication, coordination and stress tolerance;
5. Good skills in English listening, speaking, reading and writing , and basic video editing skills.

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