Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Manager
Location: Beijing

Job description:
1. Formulate the digital marketing strategies and implementation plans based on company's strategy and market planning;
2. Manage company's digital marketing budget and ROI, follow up on and optimize the implementation of digital marketing plans;
3. Responsible for the output of marketing copy for customer traffic and conversion, which is not limited to advertising creatives, marketing implementation pages and posters, etc.;
4. Responsible for the operation of the company's own digital channels (We Media such as official website, email marketing, WeChat public account, Linkedin, etc.);
5. Increase the visit volume and fans of the company's official website and We Media through SEO, SEM, information flow advertising, etc., especially be familiar with the principles and characteristics of the search in Google and Baidu;
6. Regularly analyze the forwarding funnel data of various marketing activities, establish various reports, and improve the marketing efficiency through data analysis;
7. Guided by marketing goals, explore and design various methods of increasing acquired customers, and implement the method to optimize the cost and efficiency of customer acquisition;

1. Bachelor degree or above, 3-5 years of experiences of to Business industry marketing in the internet company, and proficient in various digital marketing channels; those with experiences in the smart hardware or SaaS industry are preferred;
2. Strong sensitivity to the industry and brand, familiar with and good at various data analysis tools, and strong logical thought;
3. Strong capability in resource integration, data analysis, and cross-team communication and collaboration;
4. Strong capability in the marketing copywriting and creativity, and good skills in English listening, speaking, reading and writing;
5. Able handle the challenges in the high-intensity work.

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