Technical Support Engineer

Technical Support Engineer 
Location: Beijing/Netherlands/Germany

Job Description
Your main tasks will include:
•    Responsible for local Projects technical support;
•    Work with R&D team on system upgrading;
•    Handle customer complaints of product problems, and follow-up internal improvement countermeasures, fast tracking and facilitating timely closure;
•    Customer claims processing and follow-up;
•    Customer quality and after-sales agreement review;
•    The establishment, maintenance and management of after-sales channels, timely warning and improvement of products with major quality problems;
•    Regularly summarize customer complaints, provide quality risk cases, regularly summarize maintenance technology accumulation, and produce maintenance manuals.

Job Qualifications
What do we need to see from you?
•    Bachelor’s degree or above in computer, internet or automation, with around 5 years of related work experience;
•    Familiar with Linux and Windows operating system;
•    Familiar with database technology (Mysql/Oracle) and database SQL optimization;
•    Have good language and expression skills, being good at English and local language;
•    Have experience in customer communication.

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