Promotion Management

The ESLs installed in Beijing Wumart Hypermarkets are divided into more than ten different display templates, such as normal, membership, promotion, price reduction, and out-of-stock labels, with different styles and colors. The staff of Wumart headquarters can implement a price strategy for any commodities in each store through the computer-side software platform, and the store staff can also adjust the price of the commodities through mobile terminal according to the actual sales situation of the day. ESLs can display striking promotion information, such as highlighted in red, so that consumer can easily recognize on-sale products. ESLs release merchants from the time-consuming price tag replacement work and enables them to spend more time on helping customers.

Moreover, the frequency of price changes in fresh food is relatively higher than other kinds of products. Many factors can affect the price of fresh food, such as seasonal fluctuations and the degree of freshness. It is necessary to frequently adjust price to reduce losses.  And the application of ESL can solve the operating pain points of fresh products for Wumart. 

In 2018, Wumart launched a series of nationwide store
'Seckilling' promotion activities for certain commodities with the help of Hanshow's ESL solution. The specific activity is held twice a month, each lasts for three days from 6 to 8 pm. The seckilling products have the lowest prices in Wumart's history. 

Planogram Management

Wumart has launched planogram management system based on ESLs. Stores staffs can adjust the shelf grid according to the information on PDA. The data are synchronized with the background system. Staffs at headquarter can check the grid status of stores in real time. This provide strong data support for optimizing commodities categories in the future. 

What are the values?

Managers at headquarter can monitor the position of goods through system, which simultaneously display the same location and layout information on ESLs in store. Therefore, managers can complete the inspection work through the system remotely

Store Staffs can readjust shelves with one simple click; ESL system can detect error and automatically update to the correct information according to corresponding product.

  • Store staff locate the OOO product by using PDA or application, and finish replenishment work faster and more accurate than before.

Store managers can give accurate instruction to staffs according to the location information on ESL.

According to location information display on ESL, supplier can finish inspection without accompanying of local store staffs.