A successful example of a retailer weathering the storm of a challenging retail market is Wei Bai Group in Weifang, Shandong province, China. Wei Bai Group has been remaking itself consistently since its founding 70 years ago, constantly adopting and adapting to meet the needs of the world’s fastest growing consumer market. Today, in partnership with Hanshow Wei Bai Group integrates new technologies and retail methodologies across regions and store types. Today it operates more than 700 stores.

Wei Bai Group’s Jia Le Jia TOP Member store series was founded in 2018 and is the brand’s newest iteration. Each of the four TOP Member stores is over 7000 square meters of modern, customer-oriented supermarket space, providing shoppers with access to all products available across the group’s range of various Wei Bai Group store types.

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Wei Bai Group didn’t stop there. In addition, to improving store atmosphere and selected goods, Jia Le Jia TOP member stores have also kept up with the pace of market trends, accelerating the process of digital and technological transformation of these flagship stores to meet the fierce competition from e-commerce and providing a better experience for consumers and improving its store operation and management by decreasing workload for staff who could then focus on providing better customer experience and marketing.

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This year, Jia Le Jia membership stores deploy Hanshow’s Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) and in-store marketing solutions to optimize price adjustment and in-store product promotions, vastly reducing the time employees must spend updating product labels and enhancing the customer shopping experience.

With Hanshow Stellar ESL series installed, Labels storewide can be managed from one backend management system. The labels support tri-color black, white, and red displays as well as multi-page customization templates which can show different information to customers and employees to improve store operation. The electronic paper screen of the electronic price tag requires extremely low power to operate and will continuously maintain the custom information in a clear and vibrant display.

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In-store product promotion and launch are also supported by Hanshow’s ESL quick price change with one click. There is no need to manually make price tags and replace them manually, and there is no need to replace paper labels by hand. Prices can be adjusted using the backend data control system which can automatically update information, saving both time and increasing accuracy.

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At the same time, Wei Bai Group has also built an online platform and the application of electronic price tags further ensures the price unification of all online and offline channels and terminals in stores so that customers can enjoy a convenient shopping experience without leaving their homes. When customers do go to the stores they see the same product promotions and prices that they saw online. In addition, the LED flash function of Hanshow electronic shelf labels can additionally support store employees with order picking and fulfillment, helping retailers to provide easy and fast Omni-channel services.

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The Jia Le Jia Top Member Stores deploy Hanshow's latest Lumina Aqua X2 series with tailored in-store video advertising equipment. The color LCD display screen can show consumers the unique selling points of products such as the freshness of fruits, vegetables, and more in high-definition video. 

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And just like ESL, this series supports real-time price and inventory updates. The distinctive features of Hanshow Lumina Aqua X2 add a sense of futuristic interactive technology to what once was a traditional shopping environment. A double-sided screen can display multiple product information, and the structure design saves deployment space and makes it easier for store employees to disassemble and redeploy as needed throughout the store. In partnership with Wei Bai Group, Hanshow continues to innovate and empower retail clients to utilize the most cutting-edge digital retail solutions, providing the technological foundation and tools necessary for retailers' digital transformation.