Nebular ESL Solution

Redefine and Reimagine

Aiming to "redefine electronic shelf labels", Nebular ESL Solution is game-changing technology that combines both Hanshow's technological innovation and deep understanding of retailer needs. Nebular is an upgrade in every way, with proprietary SIP ultra-low power design, extended battery life, and sleek unibody design.


We are proud to showcase our newest state-of-the-art ESL technology. 

Up to 15-Year Battery Life 

Longest Battery Life on the ESL Market

We designed our industrial-grade LiMnO2 Flexible Battery to perform better in a wider range of temperatures, with a longer lifespan, saving you the trouble of frequently changing batteries.


Nebular's highly-integrated structure further allows unparalleled performance with much lower power consumption, while the 7.8mm ultra-thin design makes it our most elegant and stylish model to date.

Integrated Circuit

We make ESL a whole lot faster

90% Increase in
System Integration

45% Decrease in
Energy Consumption


IP68 Certified

The highest rating in the industry

Outstanding water and 
dust resistance performance.

Revolutionary Durability

Able to handle up to 400 kg-m/s2 of shock

70% improved solidness with anti-collision and  scratch resistant 3H degree lens.
In other words, Nebular is ridiculously strong.

Lightweight yet robust


The More the Merrier


The More the Merrier


The More the Merrier

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